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15th April | Are Electricians Essential Workers?

15th April | Are Electricians Essential Workers?


With the world currently at a standstill with only essential workers leaving their properties to work. This poses the question, are electricians essential workers? And if so, in what capacity?

With everyone at home, electricity is being used more than ever. Sockets, Lighting, the Internet are all being used at times when normally no one would be home. Due to this, we’re seeing an increase in emergency and out of hours repairs.

The government have listed those that work in the “oil, gas, electricity and water sectors”  to be essential workers amongst others, but in what capacity does that apply?

Some Social Housing providers have halted all Routine and Planned Works, thus leaving only emergency and out of hours repairs, which at face value is seemingly the safer option. However, a number of Routine and Planned Works are instrumental in the prevention of emergency and out of hours repairs.

Some residents, understandably, are not allowing engineers to enter their properties in the fear that they will not be able to uphold social distancing. 

As a company we are always taking every health and safety precaution to ensure the well being of our staff and those we work alongside. You can read more on this here.


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